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GliderKicks - 2 in 1 Deformation Roller Skate Shoes

GliderKicks - 2 in 1 Deformation Roller Skate Shoes

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  • Why Walk If You Can Glide?

    Make strolling outdoors so much more fun and exciting by wearing theseĀ GliderKicks. These awesome sneakers are fitted with easy-rolling wheels that let you travel with speed and convenience.

    To make things better, theĀ GliderKicks are stylish enough to wear with your everyday outfit. Plus, you can simply tuck the wheels in anytime you want to switch back to walking.

    Why You'll Love It

    āœ”ļøŽĀ Multifunctional Shoe -Ā These awesome shoes are more than just stylish! Thanks to the addition of wheels, you can use theĀ GliderKicks to skate to your next destination.

    āœ”ļøŽĀ Durable Build -Ā Our premiumĀ GliderKicks were designed to withstand daily use and different types of terrain. Plus, they're made with weatherproof material, making them strong enough to last for years.

    āœ”ļøŽĀ Indoor/Outdoor Use -Ā TheĀ GliderKicks are built to be enjoyed out on the sidewalk and indoors as well. You can enjoy being happy and active wherever you choose to skate.

    āœ”ļøŽĀ Ergonomic Design -Ā Even with its unique design, theĀ GliderKicks are comfy and relaxing to wear. This way, you can skate for hours without having any foot pain issues.

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